About Us

As we approached September 2018 and the end of yet another summer season, we are happy to report that we were able to successfully continue our quest to support the animals in the shelters.

In the spring, we contacted the area summer pool managers and made arrangements to pick up the left behind towels as the pools were mid season clearing out their lost and founds as well as when they were closing for the season. As the tradition holds and many local pools hold the annual dog swim on the last day of summer operation before the pool is closed, it seemed like a natural event to ask to donate to help the less fortunate animals. We were grateful that some pools and their patrons agreed to help!

We are happy to report that since the summer of 2015, we collected, washed and delivered over 2,500 towels, as well as $700 and bags of dog food and toys. In addition to delivering donations in our home state of Maryland, we were able to bring the much needed towels and food to the West Virginia and the North Carolina shelters.

If you would like to help us and you think that your summer pool or swim team would like to participate, we are happy to come and pick up your donations. We are able to collect: towels, pet food and animal toys that will help shelters take care of the animals while waiting to be adopted.

We would like to extend our thanks for generous donations to Bannockburn, Inverness Forest, Old Farm, Palisades, Stonegate, Wildwood, Regency Estates, Carterock Springs, Tanterra, Old Georgetown, Potomac Swim and Tennis.

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